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Item No.: 8826
Colour box size: 14.2 x 8 x 8.5cm
Weight / pcs: 265g
Made in China
Certificate: CE

Overall length: ...
ART-TECH P-51D Mustang airplane, the most famous WII Fighter.
LX NO. 9030D
Brand: LX
Item No.: 9030D
Colour box size: 30x18x20.5cm
Weight / pcs: 895g
Made in China
Certificate: CE
SMART NO. 28109
Item No.: 28109
Colour box size: 76.5 x22.5 x 23.5cm
Weight / pcs: 2005g
Made in China
Certificate: CCCs, N00006, IS09001: 2000
Delta Power Supply 12V 5A
Create toys NO. 2233B
Brand: Create toys 2233B
Item No. 2233B
Colour box size: 10 x 11 x 10cm
Weight / pcs: 210g
Made in China
Certificate: CE, CCCs,

1.132 x 64 dots STN LCD, Multi-language and Graphical Interfaces Display.
2. Easy and quick menu.
3. PPM/PCM (WFLY specified PCM, only WFLY receiver applied. ...
Ferrari 248 F1 NO. XQ069
Item No.: XQ069
Colour box size: 38 x 15 x 21.5cm
Weight / pcs: 855g
Made in China
Certificate: CE0678, CCCs

Specification: ...
Pentium-100A-HV is a high voltage ESC, it supports up to 12 cells Lipo, so it is suitable for big aircraft and big heli.

1 Specification

1.1 Output: Continuous 100A, Burst ...
Able to charge for A123(LiFe) battery
Operating voltage range: DC10.0~18.0 Volt
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Circuit power: Max. Charge power 50W
Max. Discharge ...
Flight Dragonfly NO. 777-056
Brand: Dragonfly
Item No.: NO. 777-056
Colour box size: 46 x 16.5 x 10.5cm
Weight / pcs: 660g
Made in China
Certificate: CE

Specification: ...
G. T. Power V5 Balance Charger
ART-TECH Eagle 100% scale model of classic biplane.
A computer heli system with more for less!
Programming ease is just one of the outstanding features that make the 6EXH the perfect system for beginning heli pilots!


RC Specification:

(1) Encoder 8-channel micro computer system
(2) Modulation PPM/PCM
(3) Output Power ≤750Mw
(4) Current drain 200 mA
(5) Power Source ...
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Product Basic Parameters
Length: 1000mm
Wingspan: 950mm
Wing area: 18sq. Dm
Wing Loading: 36g sq. Dm
Flying Weight: 620g
Color box dimension: 992 X 340 ...
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Basic Parameter
Wingspan: 880mm
Fuselage overall length: 760mm
Weight: 450g 15.87OZ
Wing loading: 30g sq. Dm
Wing area: 15sq. Dm
Color box dimension: ...
Brushless Motor outrunner
Color: Purple
Motor weight: 58g
Motor length: 30mm
Motor diameter: 27.7mm
Shaft diameter: 2.3mm
KV: 3800RPM/V
Free load current: 2.0A
Max ...
AVCS/normal mode switching
Two systems for switching of the gyro sensitivities
Switch fo DS mode switching
Equipped with an adjustment trimmer for servo limit
For ...
Voltage balancer for Li-polymer battery inside B5 has an individual-cell-voltage balancer inside.

So it does not need any balancer separately charging Lipo battery for cell ...
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Product Basic Parameters
Length: 1000mm
Wingspan: 950mm
Wing area: 18sq. Dm
Wing Loading: 36g sq. Dm
Flying Weight: 620g
Color box dimension: 992 X 340 ...
ART-TECH Pitts plane, excellent stability and aerobatic capability.
Item No.: 9996
Colour box size: 30.5 x 18.5 x 19cm
Weight / pcs: 1030g
Made in China
Certificate: CE

Specification: ...
(1)Input signal: 1.5+-0.5ms
(2)Input power: 5VDC
(3)Weight: 8g
(4)Size: 22*22*12.4mm ...
Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz 6CH Digital Proportional RC System
INTRODUCTION: Microprocessor controlled high-performance rapid charger / discharger / balancer for NiCd / NiMH / Li-polymer / Pb batteries with cell voltage balancer. USB PC link, ...
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Basic Parameter
Upper wingspan: 880mm
Down wingspan: 840mm
Fuselage overall length: 790 mm
Weight: 620g 21.87OZ
Wing loading: 26g sq. Dm
Wing area: 24 ...
G. T. Power A8 Balance Charger

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